Homeschool Days at the Coffee House

People think that since homeschoolers don’t go to a school building for school they have no social life and no friends, but I beg to differ! 

We’ve already talked about how I go to school three days a week & work from home the other two days.  While it is true that the majority of my homeschool days are spent studying, preparing for tests, doing projects, etc. who says they have to be spent at home with my mom?

I mean what teen wouldn’t want to go out to a coffee shop or Panera with their best friends during the school day, to study. We get to help each other with our homework while having tons of fun. My mom and dad like to say that my school prepares me for college by building responsibility and good study skills.  I’m responsible for knowing when my assignments and projects are due and planning my days accordingly.

Since my mom was a little concerned that there would be more socializing than working, I tend to finish most of my assignments before joining my friends at the coffee shop.  Then my friends and I just go over anything we had trouble with.  Although, if I’m being honest the best part about doing homework with my friends is when we are done because then we get to just hang out!

It’s true I don’t have 300 kids in my class, but not only am I getting out of the house, I am also getting to spend quality time with my friends (socializing)!

Hopefully after reading this you will think twice about categorizing homeschool kids, or any other groups for that matter!  I’ll be praying for all teens and their faux problems.

homeschool at the coffee house


Matthew 7:1

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

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