Nothing Faux About These Curls

People are always coming up to me and asking if my hair is natural, if it’s all my own hair, and even if they can “touch” it.  My hair is 100% natural and also 100% hard to take care of. Lots of girls ask how I do my hair, so I thought I’d share some tips, tricks, and products that I use that may also help some of you.

I use a product called DevaCurl which is made for curly hair. This is the best product I’ve found to keep my spiral curls from getting frizzy.

They sell a couple different sample packs so you can start with one of those if you just want to give it a try before committing to full size bottles.  DevaCurl Sample PackThis product is a little pricey but for those of us with natural curls it is sometimes worth the money to find something that will tame the mane.  Below is my routine, and I guess I should let you know that I only wash my hair every other day.

1. When I get in the shower I wet my hair all the way through and then put the DevaCurl (LowPoo) on the roots of my hair, just the top of my head. It’s called “low-poo” because it does not suds up a lot so don’t expect lots of bubbles.  They also sell a “no-poo” that doesn’t suds up at all, but I like the “low-poo” version of their shampoo.  Then I rinse the low-poo out and use the DevaCurl conditioner.

2. I put the conditioner on the ends and middle part of my hair, and let it set as I take the rest of my shower.  This gives the conditioner time to work its magic. Deva hair products love water so the wetter my hair before I put in the conditioner the better.   Right before I finish my shower I run a vent brush through my hair and then rinse out the conditioner.

3. As soon as I turn the water off from my shower I immediately put the DevaCurl (light defining gel) on my entire head and scrunch my hair with a cotton washrag to get out some of the water. By using a cotton rag or an old cotton t-shirt, your hair will not be as frizzy. Scrunch like crazy, the more you scrunch the more curls you will get.  I always make sure to scrunch from top to bottom so I get curls from top to bottom.

4. Finally, I let my hair air dry for quite awhile.  After an hour or so I use a diffuser on my entire head with my hair flipped upside down.  Be sure to hold the diffuser close to the roots to avoid frizz.  You don’t need to move the diffuser around a lot.

curly hair problem1  DevaCurl_Angelea

A Night Cap Tip

I don’t use an old fashioned night cap but every night I do sleep with my hair in a high loose ponytail. This will create less frizz on the hair when you wake up. In the morning your hair should be left looking bouncy and moisturized with beautiful curls!  Sometimes I touch up a few “frizzies” with a curling iron when I wake up but for the most part my hair is ready to go.

The Old School Trick

If your hair does start looking frizzy a month or so into using DevaCurl you may want to take a break and use your old hair products a time or two.   I’ve noticed that after using DevaCurl for a while my hair will start to feel heavy and look a little frizzy over time.  After just a time or two of using my “old school” products when I go back to DevaCurl my gorgeous curls are back.

If any of you try this product let me know what you think.  I’d also love to hear any tips and tricks you may have.  I’m always looks for help with these crazy curls.

Deva gets a FAB rating in my book!!!


1 Corinthians 11:15

But if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For her hair is given to her for a covering.

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