A Faux Country Girl Can Survive

I wasn’t sure I’d survive the move this year when my family and I moved to a new neighborhood that only had four other houses in it.  Everyone in the neighborhood is on at least three acres of land.  We live right across from a pasture of cows. The sunsets are extremely beautiful and the stars at night are truly peaceful and seem close enough to touch. It’s easy to see the glory of God’s work. I will admit though that the cows don’t always smell quite so beautiful, and sometimes it’s a bit unsettling when we hear unidentifiable animal sounds (the neighbors say it’s baby coyotes).  All things a faux country girl needs to get used to.country house

We’ve been having lots of fun since moving.  One thing we love to do is have friends over for Airsoft wars. Our latest “war” had us running around on a chilly night in the mud trying to shoot each other. We have hay to hide behind but no trees.  Wearing eye protection is a must.  Lots of layers help with the cold and in case we get hit, and let me tell you, if you get shot on bare skin it feels as painful as a bee sting!  airsoft wars and girls

For my brother’s birthday he got a pair of dirt bikes, another fun thing to do in the mud.  We used to have Airsoft wars in our old neighborhood, but there is no way we could ride dirt bikes like we do now!  I have learned quickly why people wear boots in the country.  Who wants to sit around inside when it rains when all you need to do is throw on a sweatshirt and a pair of boots. The first time I tried to ride the dirt bikes I almost crashed into my moms car and a newly planted tree in our yard!  I have survived wars with my brother and his friends, riding the dirt bikes and all the mud!motor bikes (1)

At first I didn’t want to move out of my old comforting house and so far away from all my friends, but I am so glad now that my family decided to move.  Best of all I love the fun memories in my new amazing home.

In truth, restaurants and stores are only about 10 minutes away from our house, so I’m not sure we are “really” in the country, but it’s fun sometimes to feel like a full-blown country girl!  This faux country girl has survived the move!


Psalm 9:1

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

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