In God’s Hands

Last week my family spent our weekend cheering on my brother in his second Golden Gloves boxing fight ever. We came in expecting a fun match-up and hopefully a gold medal, but what we got wasn’t exactly that!

My brother started boxing at the age of six and had his first “official” fight when he was eight years old.  He won that fight, but then decided to take some time off from boxing.  It ended up being two years that he took off.  Now he is 11-years old and has only been back at practice for a couple months. That brings us to the fight he just had…

We got to the arena and found out that we were very last, so we had to wait all night for my brother’s fight (inside of the stinky arena)! After my brother had weighed-in and such, my dad pointed out a boy that he had heard was the same weight as my brother. My mom and I immediately looked at each other with fright. This boy was tall, muscular, and just looked all out older and more mature than my little brother. We didn’t believe they were paired up fairly, but we ignored it and let him do the match (or should I say we were out voted).

As the time for the match drew nearer I was getting more and more scared, and more and more nervous. It was finally time, and my brother stepped into the ring. The bell sounded and my heart dropped! We actually let him do this? The round began and he was so greatly overpowered that his coaches told him if he didn’t start punching back they were going to “throw in the towel”, but he replied saying, “No, I want to keep fighting.”  The second round was better for my brother and he went out throwing punches, but he was still out matched.  The third round ended and he was fine, just a little disappointed in himself.  I was so happy the fight was over and he was not hurt or completely defeated.  With only two months of practice under his belt my brother wanted to try a fight and he gave it his all.  He showed a lot of courage and I was so proud of him.

Before the fight I felt helpless, so I prayed to God and asked him to protect my brother and let it be His will if he wanted the fight to go on or not. At first I couldn’t understand why He let the fight proceed especially if my brother didn’t even win. Then I thought about how my brother wasn’t hurt at all…And how he fought so hard even when he was losing. He never gave up and had a lot of heart in this fight.  My brother even said that the fight was FUN!

Before we left we found out his competitor was almost two years older than him (my brother just turned eleven and his competitor would be turning thirteen soon). The kid’s dad had even down played his son’s skill prior to the match. This kid had defiantly faux-ed his way into winning!

Sometimes God will bless us in ways we don’t understand. My brother wanted to win, but instead of getting the blessing of winning he instead was blessed with protection and ended up learning a lot. God’s children will not always win but they will always have Him by their sides.  So, even if we don’t get what we “think” we want from God we need to be ready to learn the lesson that God has for us.  Chances are that the lesson God has is better than what we “thought” we wanted.


Joshua 1:9 

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

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