Faux-bulous Mascara for Faux-bulous Lashes

As many of you know by now I don’t wear a ton of make-up, but I do have one make-up obsession…LONG EYELASHES!  I just love them, but my eyelashes are very short, so I am always looking for the perfect mascara to give myself some faux length, without the clumps.

I’ve tried a lot of different mascaras all the way from the expensive to the drugstore brands, but my favorite mascara of all time is Volum’ Express the Rocket Mascara by Maybelline. I got it from my best friend for my birthday this year. I was almost out of my previous mascara, so I decided to give it a try.  The wand is fatter than most, which I did not anticipate liking, but once I became used to it, I loved it! The bristles are plastic and somewhat short compared to other bristles on mascara wands, but I don’t mind because they get the job done perfectly!


Unlike other mascaras, this one was not clumpy! It made each individual eyelash stand out and look much longer! I guess great things do come in small packages. Here are some shots of my eyelashes with and without the mascara…

Left  eye with mascara  -  Right eye without mascara
(with Rocket Volum’ mascara)                                                                 (without mascara)

Best of all this mascara is not expensive and it happens to be a brand that you can grab from the drugstore! It ranges in price from $4.00 – $8.00 so be sure to shop around.  It can be found at stores like Target, Walgreens, CVS, and others.

Let me know if you have a mascara I should try and why.  I’m always looking for some lash love!  For now though this gets a FAB rating for sure.

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