Faux-tastic Hair Products

I recently got a Keratin Treatment done on my hair.  I know there are a lot of treatments out there but my lady used GKhair Taming System.  These treatments are designed to take the frizz out of your hair, although on me it does remove some of the curl too (especially for the first week or so).  The treatment is pricey at $250 but it lasts up to 5 months, so I try to look at it like $50 a month.  I love it because it gives me OPTIONS although I will admit the process looks a little scary!

* * * Me Getting the GKhair Treatment…Yikes * * *

Just by using different products I am now able to get different results, and change up the look of my hair with the squirt of a product.  Prior to the treatment I was pretty much committed to my naturally curly hair on a daily basis.  Now I can get a more wavy look with almost no work and no frizz, or I can go straight in a matter of minutes.  It also helps with TIME since it is so much easier now to style my hair.  I get to experiment with styles instead of spending all my time getting rid of frizz.

One last reminder…Below is how the following products work for me AFTER having the GKhair Taming Treatment…

For a Wavy look I’ve been using True Textures Curl Soft (by Mizani). With this product, after I get out of the shower, I scrunch my hair to get any excess water out of it. Before putting on any product I take a soft cotton washrag & re-scrunch my hair with the rag.  Finally, I put in my product and let it air dry for awhile. Occasionally I will use my diffuser to make it extra curly and dry faster! Lovin’ the beachy waves for summertime.  This look takes a little longer because it’s best to let your hair dry naturally but other than the dry time it’s a quick look…Perfect for the pool!


For a Straighter look I use the Leave-in Cream (by GKhair).  I just get out of the shower twist my hair to let extra water seep off and then gently wrap parts of my hair inside of my cotton washrag. Once my hair is somewhat dry I will brush it, and then run my fingers through my hair with the product on it. After it has air-dried for a little bit, I will blow dry it with a normal hair dryer, no diffuser, run an iron through my bangs…and VIOLA!

Straight (1)

I know I’ve said this before but for a curlier look just scrunch…For a straighter look run your fingers completely through your hair to get rid of the curly spirals.

This treatment gets a FAB rating for sure from me!!!


Luke 12:7 – But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

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