Faux Support

We all know how important support is from family and friends.  Let me share a story about support versus faux-support (friends verses faux-friends)….

A few weeks ago my dad became FB friends with one of his old friends (I’ll call him Bob).  Bob played sports throughout his childhood and college but was also kind of a quiet guy.  A few days after my dad followed him, Bob began making several posts.  Since he was a quiet guy it seemed a bit odd that Bob would post so frequently on FB, but the types of posts were also odd to my dad.

Bob posted a picture of himself with a “rainbow” over it along with the comment, “Big thanks to my family for supporting me through everything.” (maybe this meant Bob supported gay marriage or maybe it meant Bob was now gay).  My dad wasn’t sure but he did know that Bob had a wife and kids, and that he had married his high school sweetheart, so he was having a hard time believing that he had left his family after all these years.  After all, it didn’t say what Bob’s family was “supporting” only that they were “supporting” him.

Well, that is when the talking began.  My dad started contacting old college and childhood friends trying to find out what all of this meant…Was their friend now gay…Had he left his wife and kids…Did someone hack him?  Together, my dad and his friends, began to notice that some of Bob’s posts were not only suspicious but were lies.  The college Bob attended for one year was listed as the college he had graduated from, and Bob had recently switched employment yet his old employer was listed.  They also noticed that all the photos posted were from a high school yearbook.  No personal photos were posted.  Even Bob’s profile pic was copied from an old employment photo found on-line. As time went by Bob accumulated more and more friends and made more and more posts insinuating that he was now gay.  Then a borderline racist post popped up and my dad had enough.

My dad decided to post that he was “questioning” that Bob was actually who he said he was.  At that point the oddest thing happened…A handful of old friends began supporting Bob for being gay.  People were posting the they were “in his corner” and “happy” for him.  At that point my dad contacted Bob directly and long story short, someone had actually hacked this man!  My dad’s friend, Bob, was NOT on FB someone created an account as him and tried to harm his reputation and family.  Not cool!  As my dad talked to old friends very few thought it was really Bob, but most were a bit timid to ask him directly about his posts.

Social Media Beware

Our society is beginning to teach us to be quiet when it comes to certain issues and not even question them, unless we support them.  Even though nothing directly said that Bob was gay the mere insinuation of it implied that no one should question it…Just except it.  What we need to do more of is trust our intuition and question things until we know the TRUTH instead of just believing what is implied because we don’t want to offend someone.  Isn’t it just as offensive to “support” Bob leaving his wife and kids when he hadn’t done so?  Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

This should be a lesson to all of us to use caution with Social Media…Its scary to think someone could destroy our reputation so easily.  This evil man even created fake people to follow and comment on his posts.  People were friending this made-up person simply because they had friends in common.  Watch your “friends” and “followers” if you don’t really know them STOP and ask yourself if it’s really worth allowing them into you cyber life?!?  You don’t need the faux-support.


Isaiah 1:17

Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.

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