Tips for Surviving Your Freshman Year of High School

This is my second week of school and its been scary, stressful, and most exciting! It’s my first year in High School as a Freshman. I am very blessed in that I still get to go to the same school as my previous years, but most first year high school students aren’t so lucky, so here are some points on how to make life easier in High School. 

First of all, we all must start school with joy and a good attitude. Everything that you do, whether it be school or not, will not  be as enjoyable if you have a horrible outlook on it. Think positively and have fun! If you mentally say that school will be great this year, I can guarantee you that it will be. I remember  when I was in third grade, I absolutely hated school! I hated waking up early and having to learn about boring things. My mom knew how I felt about school so every day before I got out of the car I had to tell her that I loved her and that I LOVED school. By the end of the year, sure enough, I loved it and didn’t even want to go on summer break!  So, it’s 90% attitude.

Secondly, have confidence in yourself. Do not walk into school looking scared, shy, or stressed, but instead strut in like a model, make new friends, talk to new people, and do new things! If others see you being outgoing and fun they will want to be your friend, and you can actually influence them to have an awesome time at school too! I know from experience that it’s hard to talk to people you’ve never met before and do foreign things, but trust me, when you do become confident in yourself you will feel strong and become impactful.  I signed up for Yearbook this year, and taking photos of kids around school that I don’t know can be intimidating.  I’ve decided to give it all I have, so smile, because here I come camera in hand.

FCA Freshman

God loves you, so you might as well love yourself too because he created you and gave you your talents and personality exactly the way he wanted you to be. Be confident in Gods plans for you, because if not, you aren’t putting your trust in him. He knows what he’s doing trust me.  By having joy and confidence in school, others will look up to you, you will have a great time, and you meet so many people that you will be so happy to have met. Take my advice and be happy, and leave it to God to always have your back, because he will never let you go. Have fun in school this year guys, I know I will!


Psalm 37:23-24

The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.

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