Famous in His Eyes

Wow! It has been awhile! I’ve been super busy with school and other activities so I haven’t posted, in pretty much forever, but that’s not what this post is about.

I have been enlightened, and this post is to share with all of you what I’ve discovered over the past few weeks.  I hope you enjoy…

A few weeks ago, I was laying in bed all wrapped in my fluffy white blanket, a glass of water on the desk near my bed, and the lights were out so it was super dark, just how I like it to be.  I was cozy and ready for bed, but my thoughts were racing and I couldn’t sleep.

I remember very clearly the first thought that came to me that night: I’m not like a lot of girls that I know or see on social media, and I’m okay with that.

I started thinking about how girls my age focus on how many friends, followers, and likes they get on their selfies, or how many guys they can get to think they’re cute.  It seems like they would do just about anything to get people to like them and to have others think they are beautiful.  I was one of these girls, or was I?

After I thought about this for awhile it hit me that I didn’t really care about all of that stuff.  Maybe I did at one time, but none if it seemed to matter lately.  I didn’t need or want the acceptance of those around me, at least not if they weren’t willing to accept me for who I was becoming.  I began to be comforted by the fact that God thought of me as His child and that He leads me, it was time for me to follow HIm.  Not just on Sundays at church, but it was time for me to follow Him in all I do in my daily life.

My mind continued to race and another thought came to my mind…If I am not of the world was it really possible for me to be of God, could I be good enough for God? 

My goals were changing.  It just didn’t matter to me if I pleased the world or not.  I wanted to start focusing more on pleasing God!  Being in the middle, trying to please the world and God, now seemed worse than being “100% of the world.”  No matter what any of us do in life we will never please all of the people all of the time, but if we do what is right in God’s eyes we will always please HIm.

From that night on, I sought to answer one question.Could I find fame in the eyes of my Lord and Savior’s?

I know a lot of Christian girls (and boys) who have made it their purpose in life to serve the good and faithful Lord almighty.  They always strive to please him in everything that they do, and they follow him faithfully.   They want to be famous in His eyes not their peers’.  I want to be FAMOUS in his eyes too.  I want him to look at me and smile because He is proud and pleased that I have decided to put Him before everything else.

One night while laying in bed my faith grew and my walk with God got stronger.  It may be that I raise my hands a little higher during worship, or that I become more active in our church’s youth group, or even that I read my Bible when I am tired; whatever it is I now strive to be as awesome as I can be in my Lord’s eyes.  Releasing the burdens of the world has helped me gain peace in my life.


Revelation 3:16

So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.


2 thoughts on “Famous in His Eyes

  1. Wow Angelea! 👏🏻 This makes you even more beautiful… If that’s possible. You’re on the right track sweetheart. There’s no doubt you are one of God’s chosen. 😇


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