Top Ten Series: #1 Preparing for a Formal

Today, I will be starting my “Top Ten” series. You all know I am having a school “formal” coming up soon! Because of it, I’ve been needing some easy tips, tricks, and products  to make sure I can look perfect! So without further adieu, here are my Top Ten tips and tricks to prepare for a formal. 

4-weeks out: Eating Healthy 

1) The first thing that I worried about after buying my dress was if it would fit when the formal came around. I decided, a couple weeks later, that I should clean up my diet a bit just to make sure I didn’t bust out of the seems! Simple things like swapping soda for water, or chips for salty nuts are super easy to do, and trust me, they help a lot! If nothing else, bloating should definitely go down.

3-weeks out: Try Dress On, Again 

2) After eating healthy you want to make sure you didn’t loose too much weight. Remember, the purpose of eating healthy, in the first place, was to make sure the dress fits, so don’t ruin all your hard work with a dress that’s too big! If it doesn’t fit quite right you can always try to get alterations done before the formal, or if all else fails, eat some french fries and a cheeseburger! 🙂

3-weeks out: Moisturizing Hair  

3) We all want to have beautiful hair that we don’t normally get to wear in our every day life, but your hair can look so much better if you just spend some weeks making sure it’s well taken care of and moisturized. One of the best things that I love to use on my curly hair, is coconut oil. I just take a dime sized amount on my finger tips and run my hands through the ends of my hair. The coconut oil makes my hair look healthy, shiny (NOT greasy), and enriched for the big day.  Another great trick if you want your hair to grow is to take biotin.  I like the pills from It Works…They really do work…I was shocked at how fast my hair grew!  I’m going to straighten my hair a bit for this formal, but if you want curly hair tips view this post for curly hair tips & products 🙂

2-weeks out: Moisturizing Skin 

4) Since it’s not quite Spring yet, the harsh winter air has been making my legs look a bit dry. My skin had some red itchy patches, and white dry patches. I’m not a tanning bed girl, so I decided to try a tanning lotion. I used Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer (Medium to Tan).  This product self-tans while moisturizing your skin, and runs about $6 – $7 at most drug stores. My hands did not turn orange, and I did not have any streaks on my legs.  After using it for about a week, my legs looked replenished, moisturized, and perfectly tan. Just to be safe I don’t sit on any furniture or put on any light colored clothes until the lotion dries completely since there is color int he lotion. jergans natural glow

2-weeks out: Practice Hair

5) If you are having a hair stylist do you hair, you will want to make sure she knows exactly how you want your hair to look. The best way to do this is to have her practice it in advance! This means you need to find a photo or video of exactly what you want. Be sure to find something that shows the front, back ,and sides of your hair style. By doing this, she knows what you want and you know what you want as well. Who knows, maybe you will want to change what you had in mind at first, I did.  Oh, and when you are getting ready on the day of your event be sure to wear a button-up shirt, so you’re not struggling to get your shirt off without messing up your hair later.

right side

1-week out: Wax Eyebrows

6) Of course we all want our brows to look on point, so make sure to have them done close to the event but not the day of the formal. They will look so much better once they are cleaned up, whether you are putting make up them on or not. They help frame your face and they can do this so much better when they are trimmed and on fleek!

1-week out: Walk in Shoes 

7) Before the formal, practice as much a you can in your shoes. If you are wearing high heels, they can be very hard to walk in and pretty painful. The more you walk in them, the less chance you have of falling, or being sore at the formal. Try wearing them to church, or walking around the house in them when you have free time (be sure to go up and down stairs too). The more time you have to break them in, the better you will feel at the formal!

5-days out: Practice Makeup

8) Just like the hair, you want your makeup to be perfect as well. By practicing it before the formal you can have an idea of what you want. I don’t usually wear a full face of make-up, and I found that I needed to update some of my colors from the summer.  Some of my makeup was from the summer (when I was tan), so I needed to update a couple of colors.  Some of you may have read my post about the cream blush I am in love with. Here it is, Maybeline Dream Bouncy Blush. It costs about $8 and you can find it at your local drug store.  I like #45-Orchid Hush for a sun kissed look.


3-days out: Schedule Mani/Pedi

9) Now that everything else looks great, or is soon to look great, the last thing you need is your nails. Schedule a pedicure or manicure (the biotin pills help with nail growth as well). This helps your nails to look healthy and finishes off your entire look. You also get to enjoy some time relaxing while making your nails look awesome! If you can, schedule it with a friend so you can chat while you relax.

2-days out: Relax, Don’t be Stressed, and Be Ready for Fun!

10) The most important thing to do is to RELAX! Don’t be stressed or worry about anything that could go wrong. You’ve taken care of everything now it is time to have fun! Drink some tea and read a nice book before bed and get a good night’s rest before the big day, because we all need our beauty sleep.



John 14:27  “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

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