Keeping Social Media Real

You all know that I like to “keep things real,” but one thing that I struggle to keep real  is Social media. It’s so incredibly easy to become jealous, or self conscious just from being on it. I find myself constantly asking if others’ lives are better than mine, or even simply if others are better than I. I will then proceed to post a picture hoping others will feel the way I felt about them (jealous). All that is happening is the start of a vicious cycle of jealousy. People begin to fight to be the best, prettiest, or most popular on Social Media, and this, sadly, is one of the most popular and yet one of the worst things that could happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram and think that it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and for sharing bits of your life. The problem, however, comes in when we do exactly what I find myself doing all of the time: comparing ourselves to others. Now, simply comparing ourselves to others is quite harmless, but once we begin to want others to compare themselves to us so that we may be the best, (most popular, prettiest, etc.) our lives on social media become competitive.

A little competition never hurt anybody, but competition is the root of one dangerous leading path. That path is the path of pride. For example, many people can be greedy and greedy people want more and more money, but the prideful man wants more money than his neighbor. You see, pride tells us that we need to be better than others, and when others become better than us, our pride makes us even more competitive. For many people, (including myself) social media can begin to make us have jealousy and pride, but one way we can get rid of these treacherous attributes is by realizing that we have no need to look down on ourselves because we aren’t the most popular on Social Media.

We need to realize that popularity on Social Media doesn’t define who we are as people. It’s so easy to look at others and think, “Wow, I am a nobody compared to them. They have it so great.” This thinking, while so easy to do, is so flawed.

First of all, just because one person seems to be better than you does not mean that they are. In other words, someone else’s popularity does not take away from your self worth. God gives each and every one of us talents and strengths that others won’t have. We all have are own God-given talents and God doesn’t look down and say “Man, she (or he) is so amazing because she reached 2,000 followers and got 400 likes!” He is pleased with how we treat others and how we use are talents to glorify him, not on how well we can show off on Instagram.

Secondly, just because a person’s life seems amazing on Social Media, does not mean that it is. All you are seeing are the highlights of their lives. You are not seeing the hardships, struggles, and own self-problems that they face. So, don’t judge others, or yourself against others because you aren’t seeing who they truly are, instead you are seeing a “highlighted” version of them.

I cannot stress this enough: life isn’t about being the best for your own benefit, it is about being your best for God’s benefit, and let me tell you right now, being the most popular prettiest, or coolest person on Social media does not give God glory, but instead only yourself. So next time you’re on Social Media remember to take away your jealousy and pride, not feel self conscious, not judge others, and lastly, to use your talents to glorify God.


Proverbs 25:27

“It is not good to eat much honey, nor is it glorious to seek one’s own glory.”

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