Summer Firsts Series: #1 Trip to Hawaii

Last month, near the end of May, I went on a vacation to Hawaii with my family (mom, dad, brother, and grandpa) and my best friend. YES, not only was it my first time to Hawaii but it was the first time I got to bring a friend along on vacation!!!  It was one of the greatest times of my life, and a very memorable experience. I still remember the cool misty ocean breeze and the warm Hawaiian sun beating down on my pink face.

So, in order, these are some things that we did on the trip.

We arrived around three p.m. so we didn’t have time to do much after we unpacked before our…Luau! The Hawaiian Luau was one of my favorite parts of the trip! We got to the luau, which was in a secluded part of our hotel in a green grass area that was surrounded by palm trees. They greeted us with a fresh fruit drink and a lei made of sea shells.  Once inside we walked around to different stations where we could taste raw coconut, learn how to play the ukulele, learn to hula dance, make flower leis, and make headbands made out of coconut leaves.  What a way to step off the plane.


After awhile of just hanging out it was time to eat dinner! This dinner was so tasty! The main course consisted of different meats: chicken, fish, steak, and of course Kalua pork. These three meats were so flavorful and salty, but also had a hint of sweetness. Kalua pork, the highlight of the meal, is a whole pig that they cook underground. We had several side dishes like rice, pineapple, and coconut cake.  The night ended with Hawaiian dancers…A perfect start to our vacation.


The next day, we went snorkeling… Now most of you would think that swimming above beautifully colored fish in the clear blue ocean would be a dream, but in fact, it turned out not to be. When you swam you had to be really careful not to touch or disturb any coral because it could harm the fish, or yourself (it was very rough and really hurt if you scraped against it)!  Snorkeling requires you to swim on your stomach, face down in the water, for a couple hours, so our backs got burnt, OUCH! And finally, the worst part of all was that the waves were fairly strong the day we were there and fighting the waves ended up making me sea sick!

Yes the fish were beautiful and it was fun, but if you go snorkeling, make sure you at least wear sunscreen and go on a day with less waves.


The third day was our Rainforest Hike and Bike. This was much better than the snorkeling, and we learned a lot about Hawaiian history.We walked up a Hawaiian rainforest, and biked down a winding path. The mountain was filled with plants, and tall tress, as well as waterfalls and bamboo! It was a bit humid, but what else would you expect form the jungle!? The bike down was peaceful and cooled us off from the humidity of the rainforest.  For me, it was a bit hard because the bikes had the breaks on the handle bars instead of the pedals, and ever since i was a kid I’ve only had the pedal breaks, who knew that would cause a problem? Me and my friend may have slowed our fellow bikers down a bit, but… who cares right?


On the fourth day it was finally time to relax on the beach (including watching the Waikiki sunset)! Heres some pictures of us enjoying the ocean & the sunset.  Watch out though because that Hawaiian sun it HOT.  We all got sunburned even though we wore sunscreen.  Luckily our trip was almost over, so we weren’t miserable too long while in Hawaii, but once we got home YIKES.  My lips were blistered for days.

IMG_5378.JPG IMG_5427.JPG

IMG_5331.JPG IMG_5415.JPG

We ended our trip visiting the Punch Bowl Cemetery, a memorial cemetery for those who served in WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  It is actually inside a crater of an extinct volcano.  It was nice because we were there with my grandpa and he served in Vietnam, so he walked around and talked to us about the wars.

grandpa hawaii.jpg

There are way too many things to fit into a tiny blog post about my 1st trip to Hawaii & my 1st vacation with my BFF, but these things that i mentioned were my favorite! It is a beautiful paradise made by our mighty God!



Psalm 19:1

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.




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