Summer Free Time = Painting

I’ve been quite busy this summer, but in my free time one of the things I have loved doing is painting, or rather any art in general, but in this post I will focus on my summer paintings. I will show you three of my most recent and favorite paintings down below.

Before I show you them, I should tell you that I love bright colors and positive vibes, so don’t be too surprised if you see that in my paintings. Art should be used to show others how you view your life, and that’s exactly what I do in my art. I show the positive and bright life that I am glad and blessed, by God, to have! That is why I love art. I can use my love of my life and talent given by God to show how positive life can be….

Now that you know why I like to paint, I can now show you what I paint.

This first painting is called Explosion of Colors. This is more of an abstract painting, and is a little different than most of my paintings. I usually like to paint landscapes and things that I can easily see, but with this painting, I decided to experiment and let my hand and soul do the work rather than my eyes. After finishing, I realized it looked like fireworks, but after some thought decided to let it stay more abstract, and be more of an idea.  This gives the viewer a chance to decide what they see 🙂

With the deep dark canvas and colors popping forth form it, it reminded me of how we can all be lights even in our darkest moments. We can shine brighter and explode with positivity even better if we are going through dark times, because without darkness, light cannot exist….


Painting number two is definitely less abstract than the last. Just by looking at it, you can easily tell what I was going for. By looking at the quote, you can see that it says, “No rain, no flowers.” This means that like flowers we are beautiful creatures that bring color into our world, but sometimes we need a little rain and hardship in our lives. We may not understand why we are having hardships, but in the long run, we need them to grow.


Finally, here’s my last painting. This painting shows the beauty in all things (day & night, the sun & the moon, gazing & dreaming…). Remember, there is brightness, and beauty in everything, even when it’s hard to see.



John 8:12

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world.Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

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