faux-bulous Complexion: Clinique BB Cream

In my Back-To-School make-up shopping post I mentioned that you may need a new Foundation/BB Cream color after being kissed by the sun all summer.  That was me!  I had two different BB Creams and neither were matching my skin tone.  So, I am trying a new brand.

I don’t like foundations because I think they feel heavy on my face.  However,  I have to have something to give me a faux-bulbous complexion, which means covering my tired black eyes and hiding my acne.

My goal was to find a color that would match my summer glow (and of course provide coverage).  I went to Sephora for a “color match” and after trying several samples I went with Clinique’s Acne Solutions BB Cream.

This is now one of my favorite BB creams. When it first came out of the tube I thought, Oh no, it seemed so thin & runny (be sure to shake well).  I did not think it was going to offer the coverage I needed.  Sadly, I inherited my dad’s acne problems, so coverage is a must for me.

Clinique BB

Wow, was I wrong. I quickly noticed that it provided great coverage while feeling very light, almost as light as putting on moisturizer.  It lasted all day, allowed me to build on it with my other products like highlighter & blush, and best of all, it provided the coverage I needed to hide my flaws.  No filter used on the photo, but I did use my new highlighter powder (review coming soon).

Clinique Acne BB.png

This is a FAB for sure.

Be sure to read my favorite drugstore BB Cream review



Song of Solomon 4:7

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.

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