faux-bulous Complexion: Drug Store BB Cream

My favorite drugstore BB Cream is Maybelline’s Dream Fresh.  I’ve used their acne version and their SPF version.

Important Note…I use the “light” tint in both versions but the color differs dramatically between their SPF & Acne versions, so don’t think you can just purchase the same tint in both versions and have it match your complexion.  You may have to buy a lighter or darker tone depending on which one you use.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB.png

I have found that the color differs so much that I use the light/Maybelline Dream Fresh BB (acne treatment) in the winter when my complexion is more fair, and I use the light/Maybelline Dream Fresh BB (SPF) in the summer when I have a tan.  You can see by the photo that even though both are the “light” tone, the colors are very different.


Now for my review…

This is my favorite drugstore BB cream because it is a great consistency; thin, like lotion, but offers the coverage I need. Of course it’s not going to have that “expensive finish,” if you know what I mean (it’s not like my skin is perfectly covered and flawless), but for a drugstore item, it’s perfect. I don’t even need anything with more coverage than this BB cream unless I’m taking pictures or going to a special event, so for everyday uses (like school) it definitely does the job. It covers my blemishes, matches my skin tone, and blends very well!

Next time you’re looking for an inexpensive drugstore BB Cream for every day use,  I would try this one. You will not be disappointed!


Mathew 4:16 

the people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.”

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