Humanities CLEP Exam Tips

The Humanities exam was the second CLEP test I took.  I took it the summer before my junior year.  The information for this exam seemed overwhelming.  I decided to give myself 2-weeks of hard core review/studying before taking the test.  This post shares with you how I prepped for the test.

Score of 50  =  3 College Credits

My Score = 52

I guess I’m officially a FAUX-college student now 🙂

High School Classes
In addition to attending a Classical Education high school I got an (A) in the following classes prior to taking the test:

Classical Literature & Classical History

European Literature & European History

Music & Art History
InstaCert (IC)is a subscription site.  You pay by the month ($15 – $20) for access to their flashcard lessons.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.  I cannot imagine taking this CLEP test without using InstaCert.  The flashcards were wonderful, and provided an organized way to study a lot of information.  Instead of being overwhelmed with over 500 flashcards I divided them up and studied one topic each day, while also taking practice tests from sites below.

I mastered 100% of study flashcards prior to taking the CLEP test.

My InstaCert Progress
Free CLEP Prep is a FREE site with study guides and practice tests.  I studied InstaCert’s flashcards then I tried the free Humanities practice test on this site.  Free-CLEP-Prep recommends a score of 60% to pass.

Practice Test = 92%

My Free-Clep-Prep
REA is a site that offers CLEP study material and practice exams.  I purchased the on-line practice test package ($12.95) for Humanities.  It included a diagnostic test and two practice exams.  I took the practice tests and then spent time studying what I missed and retook the tests.  It was VERY helpful.

Practice Test 1 = 95%          Practice Test 2 = 91%

My REA Study

2017 CLEP Humanities Exam Book
I purchased the CLEP Exam book ($10) when I paid to take the exam.  I waited and took the practice test in the book the same day I took the CLEP test as a way to review.

Practice Test = 66%

Humanities Exam Guide

Money Spent = $142.95

$80 = Test Fee

$25 = Test Site Fee

$10 = CLEP Study Book

$15 =

$12.95 =

College Credits Earned = 3

2017 Average Price Per College Credit Hour

My CLEP Scores & Tips:

Humanities = 52
Spanish = 53
History of US I = 51
Biology (coming soon)
Psychology (coming soon)

You can learn more about CLEP testing, CLEP scoring, and see the full list of CLEP exams offered on the College Board website.  Each college and university determines how CLEP scores will be awarded.  If you have a specific college or university in mind be sure to research their CLEP credit policy since they differ from school to school.  This form shows the 2017-2018 CLEP credit granting recommendations.

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