Spanish CLEP Exam Tips

My high school does not offer very many dual credit courses, so I am going to take CLEP exams to earn college credits.  You can learn more about CLEP testing, CLEP scoring, and see the full list of CLEP exams offered on the College Board website (2017-2018 CLEP Credit-Granting Recommendations).

I did not pass on my first try…But I did 3-months later!!!

1st Score = 48 

2nd Score = 53

I decided to start with taking the Spanish CLEP exam the summer before my junior year, and passed it on my second try (3-months later).  Since this test is worth 6 college credit hours it is worth giving it another try.  Everyone has to wait at least  3-months before they can retake a CLEP exam.  Below is how I prepped for the test and the re-test.

I needed a score of 50 to earn 6 college credits.


High School Classes
I completed high school Spanish I & Spanish II, and got an (A) in both classes.

2017 CLEP Spanish Language Exam Book
I purchased the CLEP Exam book ($10) when I paid to take the exam.  I waited until the day before the CLEP to take the tests in the back of the book.  I took the practice tests for Section I (short audio) and Section III (comprehension/grammar).  I only looked over Section II (longer audio) because I actually had to read, and it was a bit difficult for me to read.

Before 1st Test:  I got an average of 60% on the two practice tests.

Before 2nd Test: I did not use this to study at all for my retake.
SpanishHour is a subscription site.  You pay by the month ($10) for access to their lessons & practice tests.  The practice tests cover 3 areas: short conversations, longer audio clips, and comprehension/grammar.  You start by taking the first practice test, and the site uses that information to find your weaknesses.  From there you complete lessons according to your needs.  The best part of this site was the audio practice section and the practice tests, and you can take them over & over again.

Before 1st Test: I scored an average of 65% on all three practice tests.

Before 2nd Test: I scored an average of 80% on all three practice tests

Money Spent = $250

$165 = Test Fees ($80 + $85)

$50 = Test Site Fees ($25 + $25)

$10 = CLEP Study Book

$25 =

College Credits Earned = 6

2017 Average Price Per College Credit Hour

Additional  CLEP Goals:

End of Sophomore Year:

6 cr. hrs. = Spanish (Scored 53 – Passed)

3 cr. hrs. = Humanities (Scored 52 – Passed)

End 1st Semester of Junior Year:

3 cr. hrs. = History of US I (Scored 51 – Passed)

End of Senior Year:

3 cr. hrs. = Biology

3 cr. hrs. = Psychology


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