Angelea Rose

Hello! It's me,

Angelea Rose!

I am a mix of Portuguese, Italian & Mexican (who knows what else). My name is also a mix of my heritage...It’s very much a family name, pronounced (An-juh-lee-uh).


Angelea is a combination of my Grandma Angela’s name & my Vovo Leocadia’s name (BTW…Vovo is Portuguese for Grandma). Rose was my Vovo’s mom’s name as well as my great aunt’s name.


I rather like my unique name, and the story behind it, so I decided to use it for my business name. I’m excited to learn more about you and capture what makes you unique on film.

Are you ready for our journey?

My goal is to capture your life journey through photography, creating lasting memories.



AKA Senior Sessions, are all about capturing who you are. Let’s put on some of your favorite music, find a location that showcases your unique personality, and capture your academic journey together.



When it comes to love journeys, I get over the moon excited. I’ve hidden in sunflowers with soon to be fiancés, captured the soft caress of on cheek, and showcased the feelings two people share with each other without speaking a single word. Call me to showcase your proposal, engagement, or anniversary!



Family journeys hold a special place in my heart. Family has always been one of the most important things in my life. So, if you'd like me to showcase your baby bump, capture your little one's 1st birthday, or snap the perfect family photo...I am here for you.


No matter your journey...I'm ready to capture your memories!

01. "All who wander are not lost"

This quote describes me perfectly.

02. French Fries All Day Long

Since I was a toddler they've been my favorite.

03. Yep, I get a little overexcited!

I saw the perfect shot, set my keys down, ran over to capture the moment...Next thing you know, I'm calling a locksmith after the photoshoot because I forgot where I put my keys. Happened twice!

04. Sunsets & Walking Barefoot

Who could ask for anything better?

Four Fun Facts About Me!!!!

You Have An Amazing Personality!

I'm obsessed with taking personality tests. Here are a few of my favs.

Right Brain - Left Brain Quiz

Right Brained

The Love Language Quiz

Quality Time

Enneagram (9) Personality Test

#2 - The Helper

Visual Personality Test




There you have it!

Now that you know who I am, I can’t wait to find out more about you & showcase your journey!


Contact me so that I can get to know YOU better!


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I take a limited number of sessions. Timing is everything.
Get in touch and let’s begin our journey together.