Spanish CLEP Exam Tips

My high school does not offer very many dual credit courses, so I am going to take CLEP exams to earn college credits.  You can learn more Continue reading “Spanish CLEP Exam Tips”

Humanities CLEP Exam Tips

The Humanities exam was the second CLEP test I took.  I took it the summer before my junior year.  The information for this exam seemed overwhelming.  I decided Continue reading “Humanities CLEP Exam Tips”

Stress at Its Best

Stress. Stress is difficult. Stress is frightening. Stress is one of the hardest emotions to overcome in your life, and as finals approach closer and closer, so does more and more stress. Sometimes I feel weighed down, almost as if I am completely buried by the stresses of this world, and this is especially evident when finals week approaches. I wonder how I will be able to memorize, study, or retain all of the information, etc… Continue reading “Stress at Its Best”