faux-bulous Complexion: Drug Store BB Cream

My favorite drugstore BB Cream is Maybelline’s Dream Fresh.  I’ve used their acne version and their SPF version. Continue reading “faux-bulous Complexion: Drug Store BB Cream”


faux-bulous Complexion: Clinique BB Cream

In my Back-To-School make-up shopping post I mentioned that you may need a new Foundation/BB Cream color after being kissed by the sun all summer.  That was me!   Continue reading “faux-bulous Complexion: Clinique BB Cream”

Faux-tastic Hair Products

I recently got a Keratin Treatment done on my hair.  I know there are a lot of treatments out there but my lady used GKhair Taming System.  These treatments are designed to take the frizz out of your hair, Continue reading “Faux-tastic Hair Products”

Nothing Faux About These Curls

People are always coming up to me and asking if my hair is natural, if it’s all my own hair, and even if they can “touch” it.  My hair is 100% natural and also 100% hard to take care of. Lots of girls ask how I do my hair, Continue reading “Nothing Faux About These Curls”